CAN Meetings

Anyone can attend a CAN meeting, but only general members have voting privileges. General members are anyone who lives or owns a business or property in Ward 8.  We hold general meetings as well as Executive meetings; both are open to anyone who wishes to attend. To receive email notification of meetings, send us an email or attend a meeting and sign the attendance sheet.

Meeting Schedule

The Ward 8 CAN holds general membership meetings and Executive planning meetings on the third Wednesday of the month during select months of the the year.

Meeting Announcements

  • General meetings are announced in a number ways, including via our e-newsletter and through social media, and on local media and physical community bulletin boards in the community.
  • Special meetings including our Annual General Meeting and other community engagement opportunities may be announced via an insert in the Northern Life.
  • Confirmation of Executive meetings are sent to our Executive members and to community partners. Some meetings may be planned based on the availability of Executive members. To attend Executive meetings, you may come to a meeting that is advertised or send an email to [email protected], asking to be notified of the meetings.

Meeting Agendas

Agendas for all meetings are normally posted on the website one week prior to the meeting. Check our events calendar meeting items for the agenda of the meeting.

Meeting Notes

All general meeting and AGM notes are posted on our website as soon as they are available. We attempt to post draft notes within two weeks of each meeting, but this timing may vary based on volunteer workload.

Executive meeting notes are circulated to the Executive for planning purposes and are not posted on our website.

Notes of Meetings

The CAN began meeting in 2012 but notes for 2012 are not available. Any month that does not have notes for a specific month means that no general meeting was held. Generally, the CAN does not hold business meetings in June, August, and December.

Starting in 2016, our CAN began holding community engagement opportunities as an alternative to holding general meetings - going to places where people already congregate to get feedback on their priorities, and holding information gathering sessions. Formal notes were not compiled for these sessions.


Meeting Notes March 21, 2013 
Meeting Notes April 24, 2013 
Meeting Notes May 29, 2013
Meeting Notes October 16, 2013
Meeting Notes November 20, 2013


Meeting Notes January 22, 2014
Meeting Notes February 19, 2014
Meeting Notes March 19, 2014
April 16, 2014: Memorial for Fabio Belli
Meeting Notes May 21, 2014
Meeting Notes June 18, 2014
Meeting Notes September 17, 2014
October 22, 2014: Ward 8 Municipal Candidates Town Hall
Meeting Notes November 19, 2014


Meeting Notes January 21, 2015
Meeting Notes February 18, 2015
Meeting Notes March 18, 2015
Meeting Notes April 15, 2015
Meeting Notes May 20, 2015 and Emergency Management Presentation
Meeting Notes October 21, 2015


Meeting Notes January 20, 2016
April 25: Community outreach session at Twin Forks; no notes
May 18: Community outreach session at Westmount; no notes
Oct 19: Budget 2017 Public Information Session


February 15, 2017: Annual General Meeting
Meeting Notes November 22, 2017


AGM Meeting Notes February 21 2018 ; AGM Presentation 2018 ; Ward 8 AGM Presentation - Mayor Brian Bigger
Meeting Notes May 16, 2018
October 11, 2018 - Municipal Election Town Hall


Draft AGM Meeting Notes March 20, 2019; AGM Presentation 2019; Transit Presentation - Michelle Ferrigan, Director of Transit