Ward 8 is a community that has the potential to become a vibrant, connected, and Healthy Community that fully enhances the human health and quality of life of all of its citizens. Within the next 5 years, our Community Action Network envisions a ward that focuses on the needs of its various populations, including young families, students, and seniors.

Our Vision Priorities

All neighbourhoods in the ward are clean and well maintained. Beautification initiatives have been implemented to enhance the ward. Green spaces and parks abound.

Various types of housing attract citizens of all age groups and walks of life.

Cyclists and pedestrians use bike paths, cycling/walking trails and roads/sidewalks to safely get to other neighbourhoods, shops, restaurants, and businesses.

Festivals and events are held at vibrant playgrounds and community centers. An arena in the ward services citizens.

Traffic calming has been initiated on all ward streets, including the main arteries.

Additional leisure facilities and activities service citizens of all ages.

Infrastructure enhancements provide well-used sidewalks, effective storm sewers and ditches.

Citizens are happy with city services, including snow clearing and roads maintenance.

Citizens of all ages are engaged and volunteer their time to community needs.

Citizens are kept informed of ward and city issues via a number of methods, including newsletters and a CAN web site.