Project Lead: Rachelle Niemela

Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 705-822-1276

Garden Volunteer Schedule 2020

Volunteer schedule 2020

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Twin Forks Community Park
1475 Gary Ave, Sudbury

Our garden is dedicated to the late Fabio Belli, Councillor 2010-2014, who was a driving force behind the establishment of our garden.

Type of garden:

Benevolent garden

All produce is shared with the community and with organizations like the Blue Door Soup Kitchen

Residents in need are encouraged to visit our garden to get fresh produce for their families

Garden facilities:

  • Six 4x8 ft raised beds
  • Four 4x4 ft raised beds
  • Three 4 ft round concrete raised beds
  • Creator Turtle Garden ground bed with Canada 150 tulips and other flowers
  • Milkweed patch
  • Fruit guild under one of the apple trees
  • Fruit trees: 2 apple, 2 cherries, 1 plum, 1 butternut
  • 3 rain barrels for storing water
  • Sunflower patch
  • 3 wooden compost bins
  • Gardening tools including a wheelbarrow, shovels and rakes, small garden tools, and a hose
  • Utility shed
  • Picnic table in the garden

Park facilities:

  • Public washrooms
  • Picnic tables
  • Playground facilities
  • Access to kitchen at playground building for garden events

Thank you to our our generous sponsors and partners!

  • Bob's Service Center
  • Bruce Tait Construction Ltd
  • Church of the Ascension
  • City of Greater Sudbury
  • Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury - Project Impact
  • Cyril Varney Public School
  • Ecole St. Dominique
  • The Elevate Project
  • Ellero Marble & Granite Mfg. Ltd.
  • Fruit for All
  • Greater Sudbury Community Gardens Network
  • Home Depot
  • Linda Hachez, Master Gardener
  • Lockerby Composite School
  • New Sudbury Best Start Hub
  • Rainbow Concrete
  • Sudbury Horticultural Society
  • TD Friends of the Environment
  • Union Gas Limited
  • Vale
  • Will Morin, Designer Creator Turtle Garden

Garden History


In fall 2014, three 4-foot circular culverts were donated by Rainbow Concrete and two beds funded by the Ward 8 Community Action Network were built with lumber that was provided at a discount from Home Depot.


In 2015, we received a grant from TD Friends of the Environment and built an additional 4 beds. The Ward 8 Community Action Network, Church of the Ascension and other community volunteers helped to build the beds. We filled them with logs, and then layered triple-mix soil, Meeker's Mix (fish fertilizer donated by Vale), and vermiculite on top. This technique is called Hugelkultur and allows for aeration and the slow breakdown of nutrients contained in the logs. Our thanks to Bob's Service Center for helping to pick up supplies and soil, and to Linda Hachez for her expertise.

We partnered with the New Sudbury Best Start Hub to start seeds and plant the seedlings. Community volunteers helped over the summer to water and weed at the garden. Produce was provided free of charge to needy families in the area and to organizations like the Blue Door Soup Kitchen.

We received a Project Impact grant from the Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury to build a Creator Turtle Garden. Aboriginal teacher and artist Will Morin designed the bed and began its construction in the fall. The bed was completed in 2016.

We received free fruit trees from the Fruit for All community project. These trees were planted in the summer and should produce fruit within the next few years.

In late fall, we received three 4x4 ft raised beds from a Community Garden Network project that salvaged existing beds from the demolition of Long Lake Public School. The beds were delivered thanks to Bob's Service Center.


In 2016. we completed the Creator Turtle Garden and planted 300 Canada 150 tulips in the garden. We involved 280 students from Ecole St-Dominque and and 160 students from Cyril Varney Public School who planted seeds, nurtured them, and then planted the plants in the garden in June. We also worked with 10 families at the New Sudbury Best Start Hub to do the same.

In partnership with Union Gas Limited and the Community Garden Network, we installed three composters. We built a small pilot tree guild in partnership with the Community Garden Network and Fruit for All. In partnership with Lo-Ellen high school students, we retrofitted the beds donated by Long Lake Public School and these wicking gardens have reduced the amount of watering that is required in these beds.

In partnership with Fruit for All, we held tree pruning and tree guild workshops.

We planted milkweed donated by South End Greenhouse Growers, and created a sunflower ground bed.


We expanding the milkweed bed, planted additional fruit trees in partnership with the Sudbury Horticultural Society, added small 4x4 foot ground bed for the small children at the Best Start Hub, and added ground beds in a new back section of the garden.

Through Healthy Community Initiatives funding, the City of Greater Sudbury installed municipal water at the park.

We used part of the back ground beds for pumpkin/squash patch, and built a spiral herb garden at the front of the garden.

In partnership with Healthy Kids Community Challenge and the Community Garden Network, we involved four local schools in our school plantings: St-Dominique, Cyril Varney, Jean-Ethier Blais and Holy Trinity, and the Best Start Hub. The program was branded as Cultivate Your Neighbourhood. Children planted seeds and nurtured them in their classrooms, then came to plant their plants in June. We also held a summer garden celebration and a fall harvest lunch involving local schools and neighbourhood children.


We expanded our ground beds to accommodate more tomato, squash, zucchini, and pumpkin plantings. We set up a larger sunflower bed. We partnered with Holy Trinity school students and Johanna Westby, a local artist, to paint an "Art in the Park" community mural which will be installed in 2019. We continued to involve 4 local schools and the Best Start Hub in the Cultivate Your Neighbourhood project.


We installed the Art in the Park mural, along with a community garden sign. Ground beds were reconfigured, and Sudbury Shared Harvest built additional mini food forests around our fruit trees. We expanded our milkweed patch. We received additional support at for the Cultivate Your Neighbourhood and the summer maintenance of the garden from families at Place Hurtubise. We continued to involve 4 local schools and the Best Start Hub in the Cultivate Your Neighbourhood project. We built bean and pea teepees as a new feature at the garden.

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